SNL Upminster

Costa Coffee 34 Station Lane Upminster, Essex

28:19 has partnered with Sunday Night Live and the Churches of Upminster to host live entertainment in Costa Coffee in Upminster, Essex.

The purpose of these events are to bring top quality Christian artists, musicians or entertainers who share the gospel through their testimony, music, songs etc.  Enabling those who come, to hear the gospel in a non-threatening environment, and in a relevant way.

WE HAVE HAD ANOTHER EXCITING YEAR AT SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE UPMINSTER. And we have been pleased to bring in some top quality artists from all over the UK. numbers have fluctuated throughout the year, sometimes dipping as low as 12 which has been very dissapointing,  but other times we have seen a full house and sadly having  to turn people away.  

WE SEE THIS AS AN IDEAL OPPORTUNITY for  passers by, or individuals to bring a friend, neighbour, relative or colleague to hear some great music and enjoy a coffee and cake. It’s never been easier to bring someone to live entertainment, share in community and hear stories of lives being changed by God. The Question is who will you bring ????

WE SEE THIS AS AN ESTABLISHED, VENUE IN UPMINSTER, bringing the gospel to the High street and after two years we feel its time to take SNL Upminster to another level and are prayerfully asking  How, with the number of supporting churches, we can bring at least 25 non-christians in per month. or  a ratio of 50% Christian, 50% non-Christian,